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cliff palace
#!dcdisplay.\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\Date~19.09.2000; Shot=xxxx.xx.xx; Source=Local:Staff; Time~07:54; Type=Picture;.行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行.\fs16\\b\CLIFF PALACE\fs12\\b0\......Mesa Verde National Park in southern Colorado near the Arizona and New Mexico borders was one of several centers for the Anasazi People during the 10th and 11th Centuries when the residents there moved off the Colorado Plateau and into the niches and wall caves of the cliffs presumedly to assume a defensive position against raiders and war-like elements aggravated by several years of poor crops and little rain. Cliff Palace seen in this pictures is one of the crown jewels of Mesa Verde National Park..\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行.\fp\\i0\\b\\fs16\Digital Collections/IPTC..\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\Photographer=Pk_Weis; .