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Battling Alcoholism is a full time job on the Hopi Mesa. The Hopi Veteren Wellness Center s one example of how Hopi is tackling the needs of their people and their health..    Clay Hamilton came home to Hopi after living 15 years in Window Rock and fighting his own battle with chemical dependency. Back home now in Hopi and married Clay works out twice daily in the Wellness strength center, his wife Joyce Hamiliton  is the director of the facility, and the one many say put the facility on the map. (734-3437)..Last week the Wellness Center recruited more than 200 kids to attend a diabetics clinic and take a hike.for their fitness, Yelleda Sidney said. More than 1650 Hopi have signed up to walk or run a 100 miles between.May 8th and August 25, each two weeks, drivers pickup distance walked from dropboxes throughout the.reservation throughout the 16 week program..        Clay Hamilton feels good about finding a new bath and says for once in his light he feels he honesty. Alcohol finds lots of excuses for your problems, today I'm an honest man he said.