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#!dcdisplay.\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\Date~19.09.2000; Shot=xxxx.xx.xx; Source=Local:Staff; Time~07:59; Type=Picture;.--------------------------------.\fs16\\b\CHACO CANYON\fs12\\b0\......Sunset light illuminates Peublo Bonito in Chaco Canyon National Culture Area located in central New Mexico south of Sante Fe but north of I-40... Archaeologist have long wondered and argued whether Chaco represented an evil empire perhaps sprung from the MesoAmerican cultures of South and Central America. One study today says Chaco housed thugs who enforced outlying pueblos to pay tribute under threat of death or worse being eaten.....\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\--------------------------------.\fp\\i0\\b\\fs16\Digital Collections/IPTC..\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\Photographer=Pk_Weis; .