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hs pack trains
#!dcdisplay.\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\Date~06.09.2000; Shot=xxxx.xx.xx; Source=Local:Staff; Time~06:40; Type=Picture;.行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行.\fs16\\b\HIGH SIERRA: PACK TRAINS\fs12\\b0\......Yosemite High Sierra Loop has six camps which are resupplied by pack trains which move around the high sierra daily, sometimes three trains will hit a single camp in a day inorder to resupply food and essentials.Little has changed in the past hundred years in terms of how supplies are taken up the trail, what is hauled is what probably has changed the most.....\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行.\fp\\i0\\b\\fs16\Digital Collections/IPTC..\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\Photographer=Pk_Weis; .